1. Stick the official “Kick Off with Brunei Cement 2018” on a registered motor vehicle (car, truck, lorry and motorcycles)
  2. Ensure that the sticker is visible and in good condition (not torn, tained or scribbled on)
  3. Ensure that the sticker should be placed on the windscreen (front or back)
  4. Ensure that the placement of the sticker does not obstruct the view of the driver and impose a safety risk


  1. Have an Instagram account
  2. Follow BHC Sdn Bhd’s official Instagram account @bruneicement
  3. Ensure that their Instagram account is made public
  4. Take a picture of themselves (not more than one person in a picture) at all of the locations set by BHC Sdn Bhd (self-taken or other)
  5. Post the pictures to their Instagram account with the hashtag #bhcworldcup18
  6. Answer all the riddles and submit all the pictures correctly according to the timeframe and requirements set by BHC Sdn Bhd


  1. Register at the designated area (to be announced)
  2. Have an Instagram account
  3. Follow BHC Sdn Bhd’s official Instagram account @bruneicement
  4. Kick the target to the best of your ability to obtain a Stress Ball – Winners will get a special Stress Ball with the Brunei Cement logo

Quarter Final – Relay Match

100 participants:

100 Participants will be divided into 10 teams ( 10 person(s) in each team). Each team will then need to do a mini football obstacle race by kicking the ball zig zag pass the cones. The 3 teams that finishes the race within the shortest amount of time will then be able to proceed to the semi final.

Semi Final – Dart Ball

30 participants:

Participants will be required to aim and shoot on the gigantic Velcro dart board. The semi-finalist will be given (4) Velcro stick balls to kick and the score will be accumulated. Top 3 of the highest score will be qualified to move on to the final round.

Final – Score and Win

8 participants:

For this round, there will be a board with 3 round circles of different sizes. The number on the board signifies the score of the circle. Participants could choose to stand in which line border drawn on the floor. There will also be tags stated 1x, 2x, 3x respectively. Scores will be multiplied according to the tags on the side. The individual with the highest scores accumulated will be the winner of the game